You can criticize modeling, as objectifying the body, of glorifying clothing, of promoting consumerism and materialism, as celebrating vanity. Or you can, do the opposite. You can praise criticism, promote subjectification, celebrate form, spiritualize the consumer, and clothe your heavenly skin in the shimmering fabrics of Earth's vainless glory

And the truth is probably somewhere in between

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The problem with the idea of omnipotence. Is that it leaves no room for communication. If an all-seeing being can peer, crystal-clearly, into your every thought and pore, but then for you, not the other way around, then this amounts to no more than a one-way mirror. And communication can not breathe, nor exist, in such a vacuum. And no self-respecting supreme being would abide by such a dull and giftless rule. They would rather wrap themselves in the mysteries of unknowing. Forsaking any power that elevates to inequality