Awash in sound's reach and shape's wine. The child's fingers' blind ascending mind. The free fall summer scent of your memories' distant pine. The full fuel and feel, of your destiny's serene sublime

The up and down of time

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We don't criticize trees for growing crooked in all directions (we bask in their patterns). We don't criticize shade-loving plants for hiding from the sun (we celebrate their cool). We don't criticize chameleons for changing their colours (we admire their ingenuity). We don't criticize peacocks for strutting their stuff (we hire a model). We don't criticize hummingbirds for flying too fast (we envy their heartbeats). We don't criticize turtles for hiding in shells (we pick them up, and look inside)

Plants were caught ~ In sun worship 𒀭𒀭 So they sprung feet ⚘⚘⚘ Flowered skin ༺༻༺༻ Spherified curves ◠ ◡ ◠ ◡ ◠ And sang senses ∰∰∰∰∰∰ But even in movement ༄༄༄༄༄༄༄ We are still caught ○○○○○○○○ In moon courtship ☽☽☽☽☽☽☽☽☽ And the next evolution ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ Is so unfathomable ꧁∙꧂ That to experience it ⋰.★*⋱

Literally kills you ♥