Luck's a renegade

The tight regulation of reward

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The softest soft. The closest close. The tightest tight. The tunest tune. The finest fine. The fullest full. The silkiest silk. The reddest red. The loomest loom. The pearlest pearl. The smoothest smooth. The richest rich. The bloomest bloom. The laciest lace. The safest safe. The spaciousest space. The playfullest play. The edgiest edge. The rippliest ripple. The giftiest gift. The cleaviest cleave. The meshiest mesh. The blessiest bless. The lushest lush. The touchest touch. The graciousest grace. The lathiest lathe. The faciest face. The equalest equal. The tradiest trade. The readiest ready. The simplest simple. The deepest deep. The brightest bright. The lightest light. The dimpliest dimple. The sexiest sexy. The soundest sound. The preciousest precious. The nestiest nest. The bestest best. The beautifullest beautiful. The gorgeousest gorgeous. The cutest cute. The testiest test. The restiest rest. The soothest soothe. The applest apple. The cherriest cherry. The cheeriest cheer. The berriest berry. The veriest very. The truest true. The fittest fit. The freshest fresh. The fanciest fancy. The kinkiest kink. The damnedest damn. The reachiest reach. The smartest smart. The purest pure. The suchest such. The carefullest care. The happiest happy. The fireiest fire. The warmest warm. The wombest womb. The roomiest room. The willingest willing. The givingest giving. The interestedest interest. The sharpest sharp. The clearest clear. The snappiest snap. The classiest classy. The raciest racy. The naughtiest naughty. The rightest right. The catchiest catch. The rhymest rhyme. The sparest spare. The perfectest perfect. The merriest mere