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You in a nutshell

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Black halo. POPSPARK. Superunion. Being visible and joining rhythm. Squeezing conversations out of momentum. Mass market marques. Coca-cola and coffee. good night. clean rescue. death cult. ambient future. The best answer to negativity. Spread reality. Fancy yourself. The varieties of life. Utterly boring processes. Utterly breathtaking results. Tons of sun. What can spin off from. Integral to the equation. The rational self that counts beans. The irrational self that counts blondes. Dark neutrals. Nothing more than applause. In all sincerity. ░░░░░Interstitial░░░░░. Winners of the All-Time. Slow Mover Awards. Mission. Constant mercurial shifts. Cool whip. Search is prayer. Out of word. Out of this word. Word will spread. Payment checkbox. You might pack a bad mood. Right in the collection station. Good villains. You are the miracle. There is no miracle like thou. Egregiously gorgeous. Addulate. Celebrity is all flexibility. No resistance to resistance. Disco dolls. Silver spheres. Dihedral doors. Luck struck. Bandying words around. Synthetic inertias. Barriers to entry. Strange shapes. Pushing it down to peppercorn prices. In terms of sheer comfort. In your sights. On your path. Up your alley. Down your way. The sweetness of your kindness. It must exceed its boundaries. That is the way of things. Polymorphic monoliths and windows into other worlds. Lists of lists. Trace of curves. Plural. Bursaries. Beyond consolidation. It's the getting up and going part. That takes billions of years. Then the flowering. Then the resting. Then the dying. Then the re - mixing. SNO ACE. The machine-built machines. The jobs that explain themselves. Speculation. Conjecture. The monetary representation of equality. Modeling the capturing of flowering. Maya the daughter. Eve's atoms. Twist ties. Sinews. Metanoias. An entire life's-worth of delayed gratification. Flashed before your very eyes. The gardening bill in heaven alone. Observe the cocaine. Always in the backrooms. Accept the sounds you can't escape. Speak music. Complete the divide. The talent bible for scale-ups. Simplify. And add light