It's funny on a rollercoaster you go up and down and round and round and end up right back where you started, and are left full of joy, but the same experience on an hour-long defective product warranty support call just leaves you angry.

What gives?

Disheveled bedhead

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If you’re going to go craZy / Please do it in my presence // So I can 51/50 hold you /// In arms of holy sane //// And soundly reassure you ///// With love’s patient reveries ////// That you’re my one and fucking only /////// My single. solitary. certifiable //////// Committed and madly favourite ///////// gaGa cookoo game ////////// i don’t want to change you /////////// I just want to feel and share the burden //////////// Of your stark and raving pain /////////////

Because trust me. Luney darling. My heart goes absolutely bonkers, in your presence too