Epoch to-go-box

Rather not know

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The pistil ᘔ ᘕ. Is a paintbrush. The stamen ᘛᘗ. Is a palette. Stillness ᘚᘛ. Is a brushstroke. Expression ᏫᏨꀯᘡᘜᖛᖜᘝᘞꋊ𐀶. Is totalic ꆍ ꆎ ꆏ ꆐ ꆑ ꆒ ꆓ ꆔ ꆕ ꆖ ꆗ ꆘ ꆙ ꆚ ꆛ ꆜ ꆝ ꆞ ꃒ ꃓ ꃔ ꂴ ꆧ ꆨ ꆩ ꆪ ꑙ ꊵ ꆲ ꆳ ꇢ ꈸ ꈹ ꈺ ꈻ ꈼ ꈽ ꈾ ꈿ ꉀ ꉁ ꉂ ꉃ ꉄ ꉅ ꊶ ꊷ ꊸ ꊹ ꊺ ꊻ ꋊ ꋋ ꋌ ꋍ ꋎ ꋏ ꋐ ꋑ ꋒ ꋓ ꋔ ꋕ ꋖ ꋗ ꌗ ꌘ ꌙ ꌚ ꍇ ꍈ ꍉ ꍘ ꍙ ꍚ ꍛ ꍜ ꍝ ꍞ ꍦ ꍧ ꏠ ꑄ ꑛ ꑅ ꑆ ꑇ ꑈ ꑉ ꑊꑖ ꑗ ꑘ ꑂ ꑃ ꑟ 𐐷 ⎉ ⎊ ⎈ ⎃

The complete kinetic cartographic akashic kaleidoscopic lucid exotic primal astral eternal rhapsodic vitalic harmonic melodic prophetic nostalgic symphonic authentic despondent salient and histrionic visceral and supra~sonic conversation, The complete fabric. From chocolate chip cookies, to Andromedan pinwheel galaxies. Channeled, into a forthand, and satchel'd into a knapsack, slung around the neck of a kodachrome-lustred lapin, ridden like a chariot, by a blue-chested bunting bird

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