The universe says one thing, clearly, repeatedly, refreshingly, newly, again and again, over and over, consistently, never twice, the same, in the breadth of the eons, in the stillness of silence, where birds' wings wake the wind, where movements loom the days, yet nature grows, thunderously, vastly, instantly, quietly. And one must wonder, wonderfully, how is all the silence so ?! From whence comes, and to where does, all the tropics of sound go? And the answer, like love, plays, waits, gives, and saves, tenderously, is rapt, like deer eyes, in the blanket of care, of the eternity of slow. Where not even the sun, in thermonuclear glow, patterns a pindrop, of a lightbeam, on an eardrum, of know

Planet health

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Quality paint. Fyffes. Entering Eyes. For rolled sugar. The Forest ripples. The pursuit of nothing. The spacing of lamps. A Photographer’s Features. For $4.50. Colada bang 📷*bang* 📸*bang*📷 Lend your ears. The ground upon. The rest which rests. The central you. The time to allow. Clouds to cross. Passage to way. Ammo to Felt. Weapons to nave. Days to reach. The moment to arrive. The wine to mount. The desires of notes. To mutually resolve. Illusions of encounter. Resins encased. The perfect vessels. gracias es a la vida. Clock Cafés. Exiting Usage. The world awaits