The shape The contour The aroma The affinity The warmth The electricity The plasticity The elasticity The immersion The refutation The sense The thrill The peace The soft The absorb The obliterating The ecstatic The enthrall The fountaining The flavour The embracing The course The gleam The endure The ineffable The impenetrable The nexus The lattice The texture The shimmer The flourish The dissolve The evaporating The arising The burgeoning The bursting The mesmerizing The glistening The gliding The undulating The oceaning The widening The deepening The cleaving The savouring The unleashing The abandoning The devastating The brandishing The streaming The bequeathing The breathing The enlightening The intensifying The endeavouring The guiding The swaying The bliss The terrifying The sighing The homogenizing The individuating The subscribing The consuming The untethering The igniting The signing

The biology of stars

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