Take from the ground

Give to the sky

See from the sun

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Beauty migrates to the desolate ❉⊱•═•⊰❉ She imparts Justice through waters’ lowly blackened basins ❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉ and heavens’ violet kissed sun skies ❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉ She Sanctifies the ceaseless tortured ❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉ She metes injustice, out ❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉ She Floods the empty starlit space ❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉ with Rose Algæan atmosphere ❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉ ❉⊱•═•⊰❉ Beauty if she could be cut ❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉ Would bleed her fortune into your brain

❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉⊱•═•⊰❉彡彡◦༄◦°˚°◦.¸¸◦°´ *•.¸♥ ⋰ ⋱ .★*•*•❧❦❧•*• •*•❧❦❧•*•෴¸.✬★*´´☽*ԑ̮̑ঙ¸.★*´´☽*¸.★*´´☽*ԑ̮̑ঙ✧∭✧∭✧∰✧∭✧∭✧༺♥༻❀༺♥༻

design 🍃 DESIGN. Liquify courage. Swingers, and swoons. Dress the 90s in the 70s. Enter the fine touch. With such effortless audacity. It hemorrhages glory. Every single instant anew ✨ given by the silent mystery. Who nourishes and guides the all. Who speaks everything into being, through the language of waves 🌊 Hummingbirds. Bumble bees. Coffee berries. And galaxies. The universe is born 🌌 In a caress, as soft as a tear. As light as the wind, touches the skin. As empty as the tao. As packed as the brim. Catharsis for the suppression. Of blush’s allover lace 🧵 Uncycling. No structure. No know. Paper earrings. Hairpin legs. Corrugated everythings. Rishi’s, rooom lakes. The privileges of branching’s, encompass, in cordonnet, less mirror, sand pipers, prance lighter, more ways