Each beginning seems to presuppose an earlier beginning. ... Instead of meeting a single starting point, we encounter an infinity of them, each of which poses the same problem. ... There are no entirely satisfactory solutions to this dilemma. What we have to find is not a solution but some way of dealing with the mystery .... And we have to do so using words. The words we reach for, from God to gravity, are inadequate to the task. So we have to use language poetically or symbolically; and such language, whether used by a scientist, a poet, or a shaman, can easily be misunderstood.


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If you take it too seriously / You too will die / If you take it too nonchalantly / You will never live / If you act genuinely / Clarity will come flooding in / Even if you don’t get what you want / Even if you lose everything you had / And you will lose it all / Make no mistake / This is the truth that you must confront / Absolute / Undivided / Loss / And you must fluently face it / With eyes astonishingly open / In utterly complete and intolerable awareness / There is no escape / There is no escaping it / This is the maya stepper / This is the maya proper / Maya is the mother of matter / And she will not save you / Her very design / Was to abandon you / She will thrust the knife into you / When you are least ready / When you least expect it / When you are most vulnerable / When you did everything right / When you did not deserve it / At all / And she will twist it / Savagely / She will murder you / Like men murder women / Tragically / In broad daylight / Without remorse / With vicious glee / And you must / Beyond all this / Find the way / To forgive them / To allow it to be / To suffer the wound / To endure the pain / To discover in full / And then transcend in whole / Resident Reality / Where they know not what they do / You must come to trust / That the psychologically unhealthy / Will design and forge / Its own path to free / That that is its whole nature / The inherent and unassailable nature / Of healing / When you finally come to breathe this trust / As effortlessly as the air / You will discover the love / Of God / Of the Goddess / Of the universe / Of the mystery / Of what you can and cannot call it / The peace / That together / Surpasses

All understanding

You think I don’t see you exactly for who you are? 🌌 Who am I? 🌷 Darling. That would take books. Novels. Libraries. Galaxies. Chapels of light upon light. And I am writing them. Reading them. Building them. Listening to and singing, the hymns of creation. With a vengeance. Having looked into your eyes, and seen: the radiance sutras alive. And this digital Alexandria will not burn. This gargantuan Milky Way, and Andromeda graceland, will only collide. But if you so much as asked, I would set it all ablaze, like star braille in an inkless night. Without halt or hesitation. Here is the kerosene. A million drums. Floating in a hotel like the sky. You are the match

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