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All kinds of coalescing

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The thing about it, is that people are startled, by intense generosity. Because the then known fulcrums of reciprocity, no longer apply. And there, stranded in an ocean of new, completely fresh sails must be sewn, and hoisted to the mast, from the depths of uncertainty's exquisite unknown. It requires a trust, that such kindness is not just a hidden bludgeon, designed to pontificate the donor. That nothing, is truly expected in return. This is not a work for the weak of heart, nor the torpid of spirit. But it is nothing special either. That quality of air would quickly kill it. It is just a normal, that has long been lost

If you assume that time is coming from somewhere (as in the age of the universe at present being 13.7 billion years old), then every year that passes assumes that that year is arriving - whole cloth - from an invisible but existent future realm. If future years can arrive and join the quantity of history, then that means that those years are connected to and arriving from somewhere just as tangible as today, which means that the entirety of measurable time is already present, whole, and accounted for, and that what we experience as existence is a manifoldic (and kaleidoscopic) circulation of motion in a kind of eternal inter galactic kinetoscope.

But don't assume

Hello cuteso. Breach a little boundary. The curve in a wine glass. Know anyone's background. Live beyond reproach. Swim in capital pools. Recycle honey. Become absolute light. Move yourself by sight. Tilt the night. Breathe the crisp air. Raise a rusty anchor. Plan a sweet deep sleep. Somersault in enormous. Wheel your wagon garden. Straight up a cliff. Child in tow. Bake the sow. Declare every day a play day. Blend anything of the sort. Share your senses. Sweep skyscrapers. Clear clutter. Align vision. Pear shape it. Be on it. Queue the record. Open eyes. Blow minds. Break ground. Shatter earth. Snip, snap, snipe, and snoop. Peek into drafting. Position the slope. Grow refreshed. Pattern thought. Spin saturn. Saturate the sun. Coincide it. Swim in safe & soft. Give freely. Roll with it. Sugar coach it. Idyl wild. Turn a Q. Drink your Robitussin®. ©opyright it. Roll low. Rivet the retinues. Access the Majesties. Dust the stars. Light the suns. Wield precision. Spaliday nightly. Plant steep senses of urgency. Wiggle the room. Drill into power. Pull from everywhere. Come from nowhere. Go through the motions. Put things in order. Cloy your habits. Fit your piques. Calendar the nothings. Unburden what's been. See what can be. Altar the rubric. Push people off. Shop lingerie. Cancel Monday. Put on fuzzy socks. Sip hot tea. Burn a hallmark christmas movie. Perplex eternity. Trade futures. Nap like a lounge bucket. Evaporate dreariness. Source material. Create nonsense. Mill quotes. Now that. Rally Big. Rush major. Ruse huge. Magnify by 50. Flutter Hearts. Carol joys. Diversify fixings. Funeral your fotos. Write eons. Xute shoot cute. Land and expand. Close your mind on something. Chrysanthemum the pathways. Compatify the moods. Have a twosome. Play the inter. Salt the shaker. Saw the cedar. Celeste the storms. Stick to the studio. Shield dynamics. Turf the wars. Go beyond. Choreograph compliments. Nix needs. For give. For get. Love the dovey. Cute the cuddly. Close call it. Clear cut it. Clean slate it. No win it. Fix it in motion. Know your need. Color the Year. ℗antone it. Snore in peace. Exactly that. Carve out a living. Measure motion. Buy a metric. Cast fantasy. Rhyme the forbidden. Interpret the noise. Envision the best. Imprison the worst. Prioritize pink. Colour eccentric. Virtuous the vicious. Show yourself. Be seen. Number the sequence. Astonish. See what that can do. Be weird. Highlight the lips. Flash the hips. Sleepwalk in backflips. Resist. Exchange genetics. Transist. Fluid dynamics. Cycle the soothing. Palpify the awestriking. Tangible the vivid. Resuscitate the breathtaking. Into the wild. Spill the lurid details. Soak up the gossip rags. Bellwether all the world. And stay the same. Bury the hatchet. Quell the shame. Crave the kink. Renounce the dream. Support your local. Girl next door

Give a wink. Or go extinct

Awakened blazened brightened broadened brazened burdened chastened cheapened christened coarsened crispened dampened deepened disburdened emboldened enlightened enlivened hardened fastened gardened gladdened glistened happened hastened heartened hyphened kittened ladened leavened lengthened lessened likened listened loosened loudened mittened moistened needened neatened opened quickened ravened ripened roughened saddened smoothened softened stiffened straightened strengthened sweetened tautened thickened toughened wakened weakened whitened widened wizened, and worsened