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The Meaning of Life is Life Presents. An In All Directions At Once Motionless Picture. In Association with The Saint Of Sight. A Royal Shovel Production (The Dignitary of Dirt: Anything Less, Would Be Undignified). A Class Action Glass Caption. In Partnership with Minimalism, Unincorporated, and the Universe, Unincarbonated. An I'm So Tired of Being Asleep Thought Train. With Practical Idealism. Based on Decisions from Conditions with Exclusions and Restrictions. In Lo-Fidelity & The Spirit of Flowers. Featuring The Sound of a Snowball Smacking a Sweater. A Priceless Energy - Atoms For Peace Inspiration. Sponsored by AAA (Angry At Acronyms). Offensivelessnessishistic Instantaneousnessism. A Drink In Some Contexts. Reserved For Serious Consideration. Brought to you Via Eloquent Font and a Shadow On The Sun. With Patented New Product Smell and 0g Trans Fat. Capable of Teeth Caressing. A Thought of a Thought and Definition of a Definition. An 'It Is What It Is And Is Is All There Is', ism. A Suitcase Filed Against TV. Contracted With Triple Backwards Transient Global Amnesia. At the Tip of Love's Changing Number. Now Effortlessly Loved by Beauty. You Should Have Stopped Reading By Now Meta-Reference. An Out Of Focus Oversight. An Anti-Entropic Trapped In A Verb Frozen In Happiness Investment In Investments. Thanksvalenchristmeasterindenewyear. A No Such Thing As Nothing Something. A Watched Inbox Doesn't E-Mail Observation. A Great Moments in Dissonance Entry. With both Salience and Superfluousity. And An Affinity for Infinity In Symmetry. Eschewing Eschewment. Under Duress of Finesse. A Literal Metaphor. A Gum Not Guns Campaign. A Simultaneous Sneeze, Scratch, and Orgasm. With Epic Subtlety. Vicissitudes of Vicarious Visceral Vices. And Alliteration! A Projection of Perfection Regardless of Reflection. Ending in an I'm me, you're you, we're we agreement.

These Credits Constitute The Movie

One saturating bite / The most magnificent / Everyone / And their family ~and~ friends / Enter the center / Paper skittles / About as useful as / A chocolate teapot / Shop and learn / Dear my / Liquidate / Full embrace / The devil's lettuce / Implication / Love is boundless / Naturally, it affects you / Tossable/playful / The adrenaline rush / Your private wildlife / Cut to shape / Telecare / Tao South / Coachwork on top / Sparkling nudes / Two charming particles / Engagement / Body / Is the best technology ⚕️🌟 / Don't worry / There will be a tiny hieroglyph / An everlasting / Miracle of oneness / Every pain / Destroyed / Before it even exists / Part the cards and the pens / We grow not to eat / Just to grow / /s / What gold cannot get you / The future / The traction / The Engulfingly beautiful / All the hinges hidden / All the seams sealed / The signal of / The value of / The color of / Good design /. A silent waterfall / Rest in power / The tragic / Part and parcel with / The majestic / Poised and at ease / Eyes / Are one way to see / The neutrality / Of first memories / Peace is literally union with /. Everything / It's here / And it's invisible / In the sweet talk / In the soon / Tycoon / 100% no / Yeah... no / ❤️0 / 1000% / nOk / All bound up / And unheard / In fugitive carbon / Obsessive optimism / Liquid Dinos / Magnetic resonance / Flaming jello / The ancients were very literal / In their metaphors / Standing starkers / In the Saharan desert / Abloom in / 8 billion / Antediluvian / Elastic markets / Exactly what you want / Zero effort / Everything you need / We are the living / Memories of god / In terms of latitude and breadth / Time and space / And space in time / Along a line / And in rippling rise / Spry and sprightly / Young and wise / The attractive part / Is the divide / The inside / Beyond the outside / The desireless / Is the apple bite / Coast highway 5 / The shape and sound and taste / Of gated light