With a vengeance

The science of shapes

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The air, without which you can not live and breathe, is given freely by the voiceless trees, of which you daily engender, no second thoughts, affinity, or comraderie, because they do not speak, loudly, like we seem to so desperately need. Yet still they sweep your hair. Yet still they caress your ears. In the gentle leave breeze. Yet still they soothe your stress. Yet still they collapse your fears. In the language of sun’s undress. How every branch is crooked. How every shape, entirely, and uniquely, unapologetically, quietly, and noetically


Awakened blazened brightened broadened brazened burdened chastened cheapened christened coarsened crispened dampened deepened disburdened emboldened enlightened enlivened hardened fastened gardened gladdened glistened happened hastened heartened hyphened kittened ladened leavened lengthened lessened likened listened loosened loudened mittened moistened needened neatened opened quickened ravened ripened roughened saddened smoothened softened stiffened straightened strengthened sweetened tautened thickened toughened wakened weakened whitened widened wizened, and worsened