Even their marketing was an art

Missteps to a minimum

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This sentence entitles its reader to one unilateral context shift. Redeemable in any context. By reading this you have agreed to the terms of the context shift. Please shift contexts to access terms. Not void where prohibited by context. Guaranteed in all contexts. Context must be surrendered upon shift. You grant context shift unincorporated irrevocable license in perpetuity to market shifted contexts in all contexts regardless of context. Your image and likeness may be used in the context of butterscotch root beer or coconut cream soda. Context unincorporated assumes no responsibility for your contextual shift choices, or results, and should not be relied upon for contextually relevant advice. This is not a solicitation or advertissement. Bearer accedes to the stipulation that all context shift actions invoke equal and opposite reactions, the outcomes of which cannot be predicted, assumed, or accounted for, and thus the exercising of any context shift may presume the executor is already the existential embodiment and manifestation of any other bearer's contextual shift, e.g., i.e., quantum entanglement, per se, voir dire, etc..., amenable upon demand of the arbitrating parties. Have a nice day.