Everyone knows. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone knows. Everyone knows everything. Everyone knows. Everyone knows that's no fun. Everyone knows. Everyone knows forgetting. Everyone knows. Everyone knows remembering. Everyone knows. Everyone knows burying the diamond ring. Everyone knows watching the Spring spring. Everyone knows hearing the Singer® sing. Everyone knows tasting the trufflings. Everyone knows smelling the simmering. Everyone knows touching the winds' wings. Everyone knows transcending suffering. Everyone knows loving love's loving. Everyone knows glistening without anything

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Of course you love your own child / You’re loving yourself from the inside out // And if you have two well there’s another you /// And if you have three well there’s another free //// And if you have four well there’s another door ///// And if you have five well there’s another thrive ////// And if you have six well there’s another fix /////// And if you have seven well there’s another heaven //////// And if you have eight well there’s the hand of fate ///////// And if you have nine well there’s the space and time ////////// And if you have ten well ok there’s enough of them

Flip the switch and fire the hen