It's not an encapsulatable event


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Each beginning seems to presuppose an earlier beginning. ... Instead of meeting a single starting point, we encounter an infinity of them, each of which poses the same problem. ... There are no entirely satisfactory solutions to this dilemma. What we have to find is not a solution but some way of dealing with the mystery .... And we have to do so using words. The words we reach for, from God to gravity, are inadequate to the task. So we have to use language poetically or symbolically; and such language, whether used by a scientist, a poet, or a shaman, can easily be misunderstood.

Mirth ⅋ Myrrh ❉⊱•⊰❉ Supernumerary Claire ❉⊱•⊰❉ Life ❉⊱•⊰❉ Is the Luxury ❉⊱•⊰❉ Patenting ❉⊱•⊰❉ the small ❉⊱•⊰❉ claims to heaven ❉⊱•⊰❉ Tendering ❉⊱•⊰❉ Elegance ❉⊱•⊰❉ As fresh as the sun lit air ❉⊱•⊰❉ Every manner of hat ❉⊱•⊰❉ Narrows Focus ❉⊱•⊰❉ Kicks its Spring ❉⊱•⊰❉ Cuts with Light ❉⊱•⊰❉ Arches in Rome ❉⊱•⊰❉ Rendering with uncommon ❉⊱•⊰❉ Grace ❉⊱•⊰❉ The Pure ❉⊱•⊰❉ Experiential Immersion ❉⊱•⊰❉ Smiling ❉⊱•⊰❉ In slowly ❉⊱•⊰❉ Kissing ❉⊱•⊰❉ The Aroma ❉⊱•⊰❉ The mémoire ❉⊱•⊰❉ Amli ❉⊱•⊰❉ Vêtement ❉⊱•⊰❉ De son nez ❉⊱•⊰❉ Immunity ❉⊱•⊰❉ Nestling ❉⊱•⊰❉ In everything ❉⊱•⊰❉ Her hair