As the universe, you have to find a way to encourage exchange of data: and that is food, and that is language, and that is sex. Would anyone trade their labors, their lips, or their DNA, if not for that? If it didn't feel good, would you do it? If it didn't sound right, would you say it? If it didn't fit the future, would you lathe it?

Love is intelligent

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Flirting and courting with death. Smoking its fag, and tattooing its light. Wearing its skin and granting it life. Downplaying your worth, and dimming your eyes. Wearing its thrill and sporting its tights. Singing its tunes, and reading its lines. Luxuriating in its soothe and uniting its divide. Touching its wet, and thirsting its dry. Unbuttoning its dress and unstrapping its whites. Flying its jets and sailing its nights. Weaving its looms, and selling its sights. Accepting its truth and loving its lies. Using its muse, and uplifting her sighs

A cross check

'Hey, how are you feeling.' 'I feel like Cheerios have gotten smaller, you know? It's like, they used to be shaped like miniature donuts, but now they're just flattened tire tubes.' Feelings don't have to be confined to the feeling words you've heard. Sometimes you feel like General Mills is fucking you, and you just gotta feel capable of expressing that. Creating new feelings is also fast, easy, fun, and informative. Example: 'Hey, how are you feeling' 'I feel like I just folded all my freshly laundried white shirts, you?'