Cuteness comes with a cost

Attention comes with a loss

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Flashlight cinnamon tolstoy capricorn cornflake reads a railroad ribbon curl feather furl hair twirl blind dived into the forest clasped fingers to palm wrists blew dust down an embankment dusk sun just adjacent to desk born barn worn jury form aqua du jour sworn sexless porn, study torn court adjourned age gauged loss mourned fire storm sheltered in surety clap three-sixty degree see-saw swing looking for a rhyme in milky way merry-go-ground reasoning. Jackpot ka-ching! abandoning hell for serene green seed-grown dopamine rent-a-dream sight unseen womb ring focus sing hurricane in an hourglass automatic card-swipe gate-kept past, world turned on its side in those eyes fences turned to bridges and the sky into our screen of star space yet still something small shapeshifting into all the moments that we quiet and refashion reaching outward the reflection of the inner falling walls sense sense give us sense make us make sense what’s this magic we’re feeling what’s the death it’s killing and the question presents losing the will of the wheel of the invisible a new knock at the door from old forgotten fresh bestowing recognitions blessed by berries sweet sun rained around our teeth forgotten again poor memory could not hold it all in how I knew that I did not know but memory was a remedy unpacking warm in the cold storing things inside things like not knowing in the know where and when words were friends gathered in books like days in dens the repoirtoire of arsenals of interactions exchanged in our minds for the caress of traction concisely measured cut with carve into a tactile barge for the docking of love in whose sinnewy seas intertwined gracefully the depths of eternity and of which we took a bite of the edges and became the awareness'es nexus'es dancing at rest silencing in speech until every darkness and distance we reached and there collapsed burgeoning drawing the curtaining with our laughter and our hurting, merging