Like calling Gravity greedy / Like calling Friction fun // Like calling Need needy /// Like calling Distant done

Deep, heavy, dark, greedy

Light, leavy, bright, sweety

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You think I don’t see you exactly for who you are? 🌌 Who am I? 🌷 Darling. That would take books. Novels. Libraries. Galaxies. Chapels of light upon light. And I am writing them. Reading them. Building them. Listening to and singing, the hymns of creation. With a vengeance. Having looked into your eyes, and seen: the radiance sutras alive. And this digital Alexandria will not burn. This gargantuan Milky Way, and Andromeda graceland, will only collide. But if you so much as asked, I would set it all ablaze, like star braille in an inkless night. Without halt or hesitation. Here is the kerosene. A million drums. Floating in a hotel like the sky. You are the match

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