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Consider the “fascinating” "field" of “modeling”. Where “agents” “scout” “beauty”, and catalogue its “code” according to "call" "backs" and “measure” "meants". Where “editors” choose “looks” for “fashion” hooks. Where “photographers” “shoot” “stock” with “light” “speed” and “pose” “lock”. Where photos “take” flight in frame “flock”, like peacock "birds" in stunning *pop!* and “migrations”, to “magazines” and "blooms" on “screens”, with “patterns” to “eyes” that "bless" in the "bathe" and "serotone" in the “scenes”. Where women “wear” the “earth” with perennial “fluency”, and “speak” the “flesh” with spiritual “luminancy”. As though the "body" were a "dream" and “literal” "miracle". Which "it" "most" "certainly" “is”. And which is “what" "they" most "brilliantly" "do". "So", "save" "it", "get" "gone", "shut up". With "your" "critic's" "shtick". "Sex" "doesn't" "sell". "Beauty" "illustriously" "gives"