It wasn't intentional at all

It was dimensional enthrall

Digital shepherds

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You must command the word ~ Invoke it ~ Like the goddess invokes the belle into being ~ This is not affirmative thinking ~ This is not toxic. positivity. nor wishful. dreaming ~ You will not win a million dollars ~ You will not get better sleep ~ You will very well dry like flowers ~ You will very well lose your feet ~ And you will do it happily ~ Your very existence is the affirmation ~ Your sheer presence is the currency ~ Your attention is the trade ~ Your senses are the seeds ~ Someone ~ Or something ~ Is speaking you ~ You ~ Can speak them ~ T∞ ~

Chance and happenings ~ Hearts and flutterings ~ Diamonds and pearls ~ Bends and knees ~ Velvets and rings ~ Breathtakings and knowings ~ Yesses and glowings ~ Brides to be and married in heartbeats ~ Borroweds and blues ~ Olds and news ~ Silks and laces ~ Garters and places ~ Cakes and faces ~ Slow dances and skin traces ~ Knots tieing & deal sealings ~ Moons honeying and nights summering ~ Helixes twinning and meiotics fusing ~ Pregnants and expectings ~ Cottons and beddings ~ Newborns and perfectings ~ Rites and roulettings ~ Agings and gracings ~ Lifespans and blessings ~ Quiets and restings ~