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Life is a pro at apropos

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1:02pm: Caller reported a loud helicopter incessantly circling the neighborhood for hours creating an annoying human nat-like noise while she was trying to nap. Caller complained noise was disturbing the peace. Report was noted and caller informed helicopter was police searching for suspect evading arrest for disturbing the peace. 1:05pm: Resident called to report loud neighbor yelling on the phone, disturbing the peace. Report was noted and caller informed neighbor was on the phone with police filing a report for disturbance of the peace 1:30pm: Dispatch operator received numerous calls reporting disturbance of the peace. Dispatch filed report of verbal abuse by callers disturbing her peace. 2:15pm: Dispatch supervisor contacted dispatch operator to file complaint for excessive paperwork filing stating it would cause him to stay late and miss dancing with the stars which he forgot to dvr. Dispatch operator noted and filed complaint and reported dispatch supervisor to IG for possible harassment

What has happened this instant Is as though you have been dived Into the door of the sea Of new Some strangers' oars Rowing you out Into the deep blue The salt and violet jellyfish Surprise The aurora as it spins you around The stars as they smash you In gold dust Found Where are we going? One who wanders doesn't wonder The vault in their foot Charts the heavens asunder Let's play surgery On the weary And dress them In civilization-sized Celebrations Now we are partners In crime Against crime How fast Our fortunes turn When a moment Of elation Finds us And our lulls Are taught Unlearn We freeze the ocean On a popsicle stick And set it like a lake In space Upon which with words we skate 'til the sun thaws us out And all the leagues of coral Flora and fauna Swim through us Wind through cape Ripple through drape Knife through fate As a poem grows Wine from wait Where once upon a time, I was a tree, and people came to find and caress me in cuts, and melted me in pรขtรฉ cream factories, and splayed me with pigments of ink, from my forest floor plants, and glue from the horses' feet, who echoed in trot beside me, and then I was bought and sold, by convoluted labors, and stamped with pictures, of places I'd never dreamed I'd see, flew through the jetstream, and landed in your eyes' light gleam I am a helix, speaking to your DNA, whose brushstrokes paint the presence of your days, and the dust from off your settled gaze. You are the ribbon and the reason, why everyone looks amazed, and prays, knowing there's an answer that works, once the mystery we unbraid, all that's hidden, in a single, hey