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What the reward system is capable of, surpasses sentience. It speaks the curve of colours’ wonder. It splashes chemical volume, off the hand, cloud throw. As though the face of love were your own eyes’, starlight window, to the universe’s non-coordinate, allshape soul. Marrying marrow to your bones. Curling arch to your toes. Heaving heart into your throes. Gushing gasp in hush’s glow. Two indecipherable molecules: frolicking together forever. Refreshed. Reborn. In their retire. Richer than poetry. Poorer than royalty. Intimately tied to truth. Serotonin sweeps away your sadness. Sadness sweeps away your old. How warm the riverbed. How cool the weather. A bikini cut. A dove’s flow. Together in taut’s 𐐝, time∞less arching, ࿐touch, to raining ␥ river bow 𝔖

Love’s Haus ༯ Now you know