Traincars blanketed the mountains ~ Calimesa homes dotted the hills ~~ The saddest lands stood uncottoned ~~~ In forgotten’s never picked nor tilled ~~~~

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In reply to your written correspondence of [Undated] date. My friend. I heretofore enclose a completely superfluously word-processor typed, printed, scanned, and attached electronic version of a very physical thing. One must imagine our goal here is to capture the lo-fidelity degradation of the perfectly-laser-printed font glyphs that exist on a printed letter, but by no means have any right to exist so perfectly, as the art of wabi-sabi so imperfectly perfectly teaches us. Consider this your copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a vhs tape recorded song dubbed from a poorly-mic'd 1980's dual-deck 8-track polyforming analog audio inscription device, capturing a song played from a busted sony boombox radio speaker, but that still rings with the air of 1970s beat poetry session, delivered on stage in a tiny corner jam house, with total street cred. One must! Please print and read and enjoy at your leisure. Preferably in a leisurely lounge jacket, whilst smoking a stovepipe, with your feet kicked up and crossed at the ankles, while you twirl a pen in one hand and hold and sip on an irreverent coffee cup in the other, while sporting professor-grade grading glasses. And your jacket better damn well have elbow patches! Don't even get me starte,,. why I outta...