There is no perceptual frame ~ There is no perceptual need ~ You must constantly eat of the apple’d earth ~ You must constantly drink of the heavens’ eave ~ How intertwined your animal body is ~ How intertwined in spiritual deed ~ Annihilate yourself in guileless pleasures ~ Annihilate yourself in hasteless greeds ~ Wrap your self in pink’s silk ribbon bows ~ Wrap your self in blues’ unraveling keys ~ Tomorrow makes no damned of difference ~ Tomorrow makes its lands of breed ~ What a day to be the sacred sky ~ What a day to be held in heathen heed ~

zero gravity

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A vivid dream, of easy and natural falling - no, stepping -, in - not love -, but something, - not better -, but deeper. Cracked - but holding -, glass teapot. Glued in gold. Red & green matching, vintage kettles. Cement crescent corner nooks, and hidden homemade gourmet ramen, traditions. Shared occupations, and social openness, and independence, and witness of bliss, in the very obvious, and populous. A struck together stroll. A "We should do that together." into-the-distance - slightly-dreamy -, stare / awareish know. A "Really?! How do you know?" sincere - playful -, wonder full glow