It isn’t always isn’t

Isn’t it

It isn’t

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The trademarked faces who excitement follows around. Freed from worry court. Using public politics as play theater. Casting off the cares and drumming up the stares. Rapturing and rationing the gravity. Salting the light. Dreaming the evening poetry. Consulting the resident trystologists. If that sounds enticing. Then go ahead, and experiment with the canvas of impediment. Lett loose all the held views. Name the participants and all the gory details. Orchestrate the arrangements and equalize the desires. Wrap all the wars up, in little bow ties. Bombay the night. Diffuse the situation instantly. Abstain from the inebriants. Permeate everything with air. Add warmth to the wonderful. Speak musically. Pen love letters to a mystery. Sport the spirit of Capri. Anything that could be said, to touch the other side. Like pure the perfect, ricocheting 'round the citadel, with perfumed present satchels, matching needs to wishing wells. Because the truth is unassailable, making all ends meet. For only when, the voice is clear, will the solemn sun

spark eon speak