Bedside manor

Accuracy is important

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Of course you love your own child / You’re loving yourself from the inside out // And if you have two well there’s another you /// And if you have three well there’s another free //// And if you have four well there’s another door ///// And if you have five well there’s another thrive ////// And if you have six well there’s another fix /////// And if you have seven well there’s another heaven //////// And if you have eight well there’s the hand of fate ///////// And if you have nine well there’s the space and time ////////// And if you have ten well ok there’s enough of them

Flip the switch and fire the hen

Love is the lattice, helix, and nexus, that invisibily entwines your DNA. It is the volition of cells on their own accord. It is the pattern that fires your synapses. It’s organic, spontaneous, and purposeful; control without capture; limitation for the facilitation of incalculable expansion; an original question; the original word; lifeforce animating all; permanence enjoying and unchanged by change; the contour of an idea; the deepest depth carried to the supernova of surface; the opposite of doubt and the center of confidence; all truths at once; movement in all directions at once; infinity defined; gone when grasped; present when forgotten; pain made play; a parlour trick that makes you happy, and therefore not a lie; the tether between what if and what is; all conceivable and inconceivable ontological permutations; and none of that. You beyond your ideas

What can you say about LA. Take the entire skyline. Begin with the office cubicle windows. You craft an overlay. Just a sliver of the facts of each workers life. And by the time you work your way through. Not even halfway to the end. Half the jobs will have disappeared. Half the people will have shifted gears. So you end up with a montage. Of amontage. Never ending. Blinking in and out of existence. Of history unfurled. Shapeshifting. Within the very act of comprehending. Now capture that. Zen punk. Temporary contemporary. Belle pink. Spin drift. Traffic nook. Dream Center. Stuff of the stars in the ceilings. Worship the concrete visionaries. Feel the Uninteractive. Genesis. Bringing news of the xtra