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Requiem for a Muse

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In a groove. In a rut. On the sidelines. On the edge. Touching grip. Diving in. Swimming through. Ramping up. Doubling down. Roller coasting. Alley ooping. Rubber necking. Crescent tuning. Sticking landing. Sitting down. Turning back. Facing forward. Looking past. Sleeping sideways. Singing skateparks. Building beauty marks. Ever lasting. In the casting. Breaking the mould. Uncuring the concrete. Rewinding the barrows. Planting the seeds. Striking the lights. Ascending the floors. Flying the forests. Watering the stars. Absorbing the hours. Fashion fasting. On a midriff. Coining hyper glyphs. Rubbing fire sticks. Waiting mid bliss. For the storygifts. In Goliath grips. Spinning slingshots. Now or never kids