Sprained a crease இ

Pulled a kink 𐐏

Pleasure and pain 𝔖

Vision in wink 𝄢

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Your life, written on a sheet of wide-ruled notebook paper, rejected, crumpled up, with two cold hands, tossed in to the trash bin, (complete miss), begrudgingly rolled out to the curbside, on a Monday night, 5 minutes past the start, of American Idol. Crushed indifferently, in a dented bath of bile, heat-exhuming garbage truck, compacter, dumped into a landfill, buried, forgotten, disdained, untouched, for years, seeping in to the soil, turned fodder for the worms, composted, cut in to, with steel retractor claws, bagged, with a shiny marketing zeal, sealed, and sold, back to yourself, as fertilizer, at your nearest nursery, hand packed, 'round tomato seeds, in your backyard, breathing embryonically, ripened, picked, and eaten