It goes

without saying

Put another way

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The wave forms: The bell curves: The ocean presents: The associationless: In poetry of time: Feelings finding dreams like trains: In all the realistics: Clothed in pagan blankets: Planting mint moon gardens: Charming echoscapes and pardons: Backstrokes in the cool glee: The immensity measured in free: The mystery; textured; in story; being: Carelessness: Carefree: With impunity: Preternatural: Calm: A six-degree study: Of your imagination: Parasynthetic non: Reflection in refraction: Weapon, lure, and clue: The infinite union: The tiniest nudge: The sumptuous: Residium: The cynical: Armada: Crooked tree: The elasticity of reality: A pail of oil: In divi duality: Creating unity: The transcendent: Non triumphant: Deliverate: Cast purity: In a flurry: Past pantheons of fictions: Enclaves in the panrose sunlands: What goes; without saying: The canvas of business: With affection as a weapon: The electrons fly: In absolute silence: Desire dissipates: Energy endures: Take a peek: At fugitive ink: Caress: You sure as hell: Hope to god: Is a two way sheet: Just how is a question of technical power: Where why is a question of reasonable purpose: Precision vision: To be loved; with love; by love; through love; in love; with love: Cozy as a flavor: Butterhopscotch: Stunning cruelty: Here is your delicious: Drumbeat Drive: Sunny and Luna: The rights of germs and gems: The female gaze: Cultivated images and accolades: Waylaid: Vast reservoirs: Kept rapt: Cool kettle: Whole apple: In actual heaven: The monetization of mindlessness: The monetization of mindfulness: What vast font doth thou possess: Flush: with cash: Garden pot sideways: Pouring out flowers: Softening the separation: Clothing the connection: Latitude and levity: Things you already know indelibly: Shut up: and dance with me