Anatomical neon. Coquelicots. Resistance of depiction. Eternal Affinity. Stimulation. Glimpse Another life. Latent tension. Slee. A flower’s faultless poise. Tonal rue. Bixel. The incalculable number of odds. Invisible beauty. Vase. Personified Blackout chocolate cake

It’s so much easier to not

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In the presence of the pinnacle ~ In the passion of the paramount ~ In the poise of the plentiful ~ In the patience of the pivotal ~ In the path of the perennial ~ In the placement of the provident ~ In the pear of the poem ~ In the plush of the pearl ~ In the pride of the pattern ~ In the play of the prudential ~ In the purity of the prescient ~ In the price of the prurient ~ In the prim of the proper ~ In the pray of the pendulum ~ In the paint of the pantry ~ In the pull of the paraform ~ In the parable of the paradox ~ In the particle of the paradigm ~ In the pop of the palindrome ~ In the peek past the palisade ~ In the promise of the paradise ~ In the pace of the pacific ~ In the pajamas of the pagan ~ In the panic of the pallid ~ In the palace of the palaver ~ In the papillon of the pantheist ~ In the psalms of the proverbs ~ In the pageantry of the painful ~ In the panacea of the painless ~ In the pulp of the paper ~ In the palpable of the panoramic ~ In the palpitations of the palliative ~ In the pamper of the palatial ~ In the parade of the paean ~ In the pablum of the pageview ~ In the pairings of the paisley ~ In the pangaea of the paleography ~ In the palette of the panoply ~ In the palate of the paladin ~ In the pall of the palimony ~ In the pantomime of the palatable ~ In the pact of the page ~

The body is a kind of house, that you move into, move within, room to room, fashion, again and again, with the most exquisite arrays, of fabrics and shapes, from foreign fields, and masterful hands. And then one day, just the same, move out of, and bequeath, back to the land. If that's so easy, for people to understand (and trust), in 1950s American Dreams, why not of life as well, or death yet still? Although granted, the change of scenery, on the other side, is seeded, so vividly extreme, that this house, cannot contain it, nor even imagine