शिखिपक्षैश् चित्ररूपैर् मण्डलैः शून्यपञ्चकम् । ध्यायतोऽनुत्तरे शून्ये प्रवेशो हृदये भवेत् ॥३२॥

The Radiance Sutras

śikhi pakṣaiś citra rūpair maṇḍalaiḥ śūnya pañcakam | dhyāyato’nuttare śūnye praveśo hṛdaye bhavet || द्वात्रिंशत् || shikhi–pakshaih chitra–roopaih mandalaih shoonya–panchakam dhyaayatah an-uttare shoonye pra-veshah hridaye bhavet

The senses declare an outrageous world— Sounds and scents, ravishing colors and shapes,
Ever-changing skies, iridescent reflections— All these beautiful surfaces
Decorating vibrant emptiness.

The god of love is courting you,
Light as a feather.

Every perception is an invitation into revelation.
Hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching—Ways of knowing creation,
Transmissions of electric realization.
The deepest reality is always right here.
Encircled by splendor, in the center of the sphere,
Meditate where the body thrills
To currents of intimate communion.
Follow your senses to the end and beyond
Into the heart of space.

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If you assume that time is coming from somewhere (as in the age of the universe at present being 13.7 billion years old), then every year that passes assumes that that year is arriving - whole cloth - from an invisible but existent future realm. If future years can arrive and join the quantity of history, then that means that those years are connected to and arriving from somewhere just as tangible as today, which means that the entirety of measurable time is already present, whole, and accounted for, and that what we experience as existence is a manifoldic (and kaleidoscopic) circulation of motion in a kind of eternal inter galactic kinetoscope.

But don't assume