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It was in about the thickness of all digital bits. Multiplied by the drift velocity of all usable electrons. Suspended in an insulating atmosphere. Transformed into a beautiful conductive plasma. That I, the other day, posted some pretty salacious images of real pentacene molecules, online. Only for OnlyFans of course. And the swift uptake was shocking. Practically astronomical. And nigh near intolerable. 210 million acres of light. In 1.5 seconds. Which I immediately placed safely inside a quality silicon chip. A stack the width of 1,000,000 atoms. Forming 1 sheet of paper. Or 1 billion honeybees. Forming one blue whale. Which I put into some serious cold storage. But that still, inexplicably, resulted in a precessional zitterbewegung shift in the net circular motion of my TikTok follower count. And then ultimately to a virtual electron eviction of 42 million attogirls. Not that I could do anything about that. Nevertheless, owing to such a tightly regulated inflationary free market, without a decent dose of caffeine and perseverance, as they say, you can’t play a record if it’s ground to a prolepsic vinyl pulp. So given the ever-compounding privacy protections of the interminable European Union, at this precise moment I can only leave you with an image that clearly shows an electron ptychographic reconstruction of a praseodymium orthoscandate (PrScO3) crystal, zoomed in 100 million times

Credit: Your Imagination