There is no wonder, as fresh as nature ࿊࿋࿌⌬ There is no dress, as luminous as rose ☤ There is no selvage, as Zimmerman as Sarah ✧ ⨍ ⨎ ∬ ∰ ꧁∙꧂ ∭ ∯ ⨏ ⊨ ✧ There is no colour, as miracle as Holt ࿈ ꆐ


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Imbued in unbearable ebullience, bouncing ballets on beds, beaming unburstable bubbles, brimming beneath unborn beauty bombs, absorbing beginner behavior, burying unbreakable boundaries, building abandoned boroughs, breathing aerobic blooms, bathing in the breadth of abundance, blanketing breathtaking babies, unbuttoning bourgeois bureaucracies, baptizing belligerent blindness, blessing biological braille, braiding butterfly baskets, bicycling buoyant balloons, blending bilingual bibles, burning broken businesses, buying borrowed bribes, brightening black billboards, liberating boxed birds, biting bugs with beaks, browsing baroque boutiques, bespoking binaural binoculars, unbuckling Burberry boots, bespectacling blaze of bikinis, bearing blissful benevolence, bonding bored bodies, embracing braless breasts, bestowing bereaved beneficiencies, emboldening bashful boys, unblocking boarded bastions, buttering blueberry bundtcakes, browning baking bread, binding burlap books, beaconing burnt bulbs, brushing behind brooms, broadening beckoning brevity, unbundling bustling byways, busying barren bridges, blunting blood-laced blades, bullying bias bravely, battling bequeathed blame, bisecting bipolar behavior, blinking brilliant blue, beating blurry burdens, blasting banging bleeps, bumping unbolted bells, being bent but beloved