Unzip the letter. Outflows the honey

Line 𝑛

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You gotta think, that humans are created through composite layers evolutionarily like earth is created through sedimentary layers geologically. Because, the tendency is to think of the two as occuring separately and independently, rather than interdependently and simultaneously. The difficulty is that dirt just seems dumb dead and dreary, even though there's not a single aspect of humanity or society that doesn't derive itself exquisitely from that underlying constituency

It's something of a mystery

The shapeshifting cities ~ The manic interludes )) The fireside rituals ~~~ The mechanical souls )))) The full immersions ~~~~~ The immediately apparents )))))) The rapid ascertainments ~~~~~~~ The vivid wares )))))))) The catalysis chimeras ~~~~~~~~~ The bakers’ blocks )))))))))) The sixteen flavors of ices ~~~~~~~~~~~ The slightest pivots )))))))))))) The massive shifts ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The square centimeters )))))))))))))) The technically under the ambits ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The continuing unabateds )))))))))))))))) The contours of everything ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The seamless coincides )))))))))))))))))) The provocative enterprizes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The self punishments (((((((((((((((( The best behavings ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The overturned cars (((((((((((((( The tenenbaum touches ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The deeper inner views (((((((((((( The vaster outer news ~~~~~~~~~~~ The functioning pay phones (((((((((( The poised in eternal’s tease ~~~~~~~~~ The nature of nurtures (((((((( The muted subdueds ~~~~~~~ The bright orgasmics (((((( The quiet star dunes ~~~~~ The shade rich families (((( The corinthian’s celestial hues ~~~ The butterflies' safaris (( The scents' soft pockets ~ The three hundred and sixty degrees

Of woo!