Alligator dragonfly ~ ᜁ αœ€ 𝔖 Relinquishing the sun

Both ends of the fantasy

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The executive livewire / The vomiting socialite // The vacant host /// The obeisant parasite //// The SOAKed wallet ///// The sacred swamp ////// The indifferent stare /////// The silent simmer //////// The crushing limelight //////// The placeless gathering /////// The scentless rose ////// The truant devotion ///// The imperishing luggage //// The timeless gift /// The endless gate // The interminable flight / The indolent haste

πΌπ‘›π‘–π‘‘π‘–π‘Žπ‘‘π‘–π‘œπ‘› π‘Žπ‘™

Love is the lattice, helix, and nexus, that invisibily entwines your DNA. It is the volition of cells on their own accord. It is the pattern that fires your synapses. It’s organic, spontaneous, and purposeful; control without capture; limitation for the facilitation of incalculable expansion; an original question; the original word; lifeforce animating all; permanence enjoying and unchanged by change; the contour of an idea; the deepest depth carried to the supernova of surface; the opposite of doubt and the center of confidence; all truths at once; movement in all directions at once; infinity defined; gone when grasped; present when forgotten; pain made play; a parlour trick that makes you happy, and therefore not a lie; the tether between what if and what is; all conceivable and inconceivable ontological permutations; and none of that. You beyond your ideas