For every misunderstanding

A ken

The benefits of friction

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Unlearning, action, and reaction. Defies, expectation. Enlightenment, unglues technology. It hemorrhages, novas. It decomposes, composure. It interconnects, the vivid∞vital. It resonates, the radiance. Mercilessly gorgeous. It decimates, the foundations. It collapses, sestertius boundaries. It concatenates, pangæan time. Kissing, liquid shape, and merging, solid light. Rune and current. Cell and soul. Worship reaches, first source. Mirrored, Orion. Shen 參 miracle. SIPA.ZI.AN.NA, Bírópálca. Assumption rests. Gates, helix. Essence, tsunam. Fortune, snows. Lace, into prisms. Freedom, into speech. Storms, into songs. Never, without. Always, responds