Taste 𝔖 is the new skill

Mornings x Coffee

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The first ability. Is the ability to experience. The most important ability. Is the ability to enjoy. If one cannot envelop the experience within and around them in joy. Then the entire expanse, the loom, the exploded view, of the tonal tropics, the liquid light, the continental plates, the chromatic interstellar rotation, burgeoning lovingly, in the most exotic panoplies of carbon’s texture lace, laid rapt at their forlorn fingertips, in the total core, of the vast course, of history, of grace, might as well be incendiary, might as well be stripped of vital scent, and sheared of rhapsodic taste. Every feathers edge, might as well mean nothing, and may as well cut, the very lamb, from its mother’s moral cade

Such is the intensive dire, of this lone experiential strait

Generosity, opens silence. Stillness, opens patience. Empathy, love, compassion, expression, in kindness, absolute acceptance, and release. This is trust's care, gravity's flow, eloquence's elegance, worn like darkness wears emptiness, with sincerity and vitality, given in warmth, by touch's cool breeze, candelabra. The recipe of ecstasy, and loss's fury. The place where deference describes forgiveness. And dedication, absence. Play, vulnerability. Authenticity. Interpretability. Naïveté, abandon. Beam; surprise. Invisibility. Holding. The center likes admitting. Rejecting. Planning. Integrating. Resolving. Withholding. Blocking. Recursing. Sleeping. Breathing. Smiling. Feeling. Burdening. Absorbing. Transmuting. Learning. Teaching. Connecting. Signalling. π. Sharing. Untying. Unifying. Dreaming. Glistening. Singing. Transforming. Sidestepping. Abstaining. Laughing. Listening. Choosing. Overthrowing. Upturning. Somersaulting. Orbiting. Showering. Cleaning. And messing the beginning, up with the ending. Shape, swims in texture. Dives in layer. Dressed in gorgeous, colour. Pattern's little weight, called feel. It speaks in tone, and shade. Soars in engulf. Pedals in petals. Silky bows, and flag ripples. Under the lift, enrapture, sealing completion. In relinquishment, possession. In passion, enchantment. In mesmerization. Emotion. Gushing, like ink from a candle, waxing the cathedrals and eons, off locations. Nothing but eyes, and curves. Everything but lushes, and glooms. Next to fires, oceans. Lies; Halting. Eternity, Temerity. Together, A part. Alive. No one asking: who am i ? Before i was. And after i die. Free of time. Clothed in entirety's, matchless design

Now's a night to fall