The rivers of ruffles, ridges, and ruchings. Her scent, cinnamon, dams oceans, in heaven. Light, pink, pastels, in florals. Neon, in novas, drench satin, in corals. Her true material. Deltas, Andromeda. Her true texture. Bleeds vision, auroral

Division theory

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The weight of her head on your chest ~ The feather of her hair through your fingers ~ The cup of her cheek in your palm ~ The trace of her neck on your nose ~ The smell of her mind in your eyes ~ The small of her back in your hands ~ The shape of her waist in your lift ~ The grace of her legs in your glide ~ The touch of her toes on your feet ~ The gap of her thighs on your knees ~ The arch of her calves in your cusp ~ The heels of her feet in your sheets ~ The lace of her silk on your hips ~ The brush of her lash on your shoulder ~ The breeze of her toss on your pillows ~ The lush of her breasts on your biceps ~ The noon of her nape in your nestle ~ The soft of her skin on your cuticles ~ The smooth of her shift in your arms ~ The purse of her lips on your forehead ~ The touch of her temple on your heart ~ The feel of her warmth on your health ~ The light of her room through your blinds ~ The smile of her joy in your sighs ~ The thrill of her gasps in delight ~ The gift of her presence in your life ~