Those who speak shape

Sing color

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In one. There is absolute freedom. There is no choice. Absolute freedom is imprisonment. In empty space. Tao (Empty) Darkness (Whole). In two. There is no freedom. There is no choice. Word (Atom) / Light (Morning). Space (Evening). Time (Travel). Universe. Bloom. In three. There is freedom to choose. Tao (Way). Gravity (Garden). Matter (Maya). Freedom means freedom to choose between two (Tao/Truth/Whole - Maya/Measure/Cut). Adam. Eve. Garden. Choose. Atom. Evening. Eternity. Choose. Tao. Garden. Time. Choose. Life. Fruit. Knowledge. Choose. Freedom (Tao / Way-Obedience / Trust). Wholeness (Perfection / Nature / Health). Time (Womb / Birth / Knot). Choose. Freedom means freedom from choice (Death). Freedom from choice means freedom to sacrifice freedom (Tao / Trust / Pathless / Way). Sacrifice of freedom means oneness (Empty / Choiceless). Choice means sacrifice of the unchosen (Maya). Choice means freedom from the unchosen (Illusion). Choice means freedom in the chosen (Tao). Choice means bondage to the chosen (Oneness). Bondage means freedom from choice (Eternity). Choice means freedom from bondage (Perfection). One. Two. Three. Space. Time. Gravity. Tao. Maya. Garden. Freedom. Bondage. Choice

Time for a cookie. Eternity for a body. Empty for a hunger

The body is a kind of house, that you move into, move within, room to room, fashion, again and again, with the most exquisite arrays, of fabrics and shapes, from foreign fields, and masterful hands. And then one day, just the same, move out of, and bequeath, back to the land. If that's so easy, for people to understand (and trust), in 1950s American Dreams, why not of life as well, or death yet still? Although granted, the change of scenery, on the other side, is seeded, so vividly extreme, that this house, cannot contain it, nor even imagine