She breaks eternity into luscious little miracle pieces. And bruises them with pigment pure

The time according to whom

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If disdain of disgust, and celebration of attraction, are merely programmed reactions to definable criteria, do they possess any fundamental validity? If one person adores cinnamon, and another abhors it, is there any innate quality to it? If some words sound symphonic, and others cacophonous, do the notes have intrinsic affinities? Or is it more of an interaction, between the feeling, and the listener. That is, if you can see past the confines of your predilections, and step outside of the limitations of their segregations, how would the world look? You begin to see the entire world differently, almost as... elusive but charming flavorings, even those that are most off-putting. And you begin to wonder why your tastes are so attuned to the loves they are