Endless access

Infinite entrance

Cabaret of the nameless

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Despite all appearances, one can not comprehensively regard any object, whether a book, a song, a movie, a dance, a painting, or even an item of clothing, as a fixed or finished product. We perceive them that way solely on the basis of the edges of their bindings, recorded in time by our systematic claying of the molecular speed of light. Yet each is active in a continual state of dynamic signal contact, as the individual, the culture, and the environment which envelops it, engages it. Attention animates the material animal. Eyes flourish the latent particles to life. Fire given to a finite book, unpublishes its ink. Context, as a spatial medium, is an acumen, an atmosphere, and a temporal amniotic cocoon, that articulates, permeates, and accounts for all interactive dimension. And these intensive fluid dynamics, include every atom, span all eon, exhibit enormous complexity, betray stunning simplicity, defy all technical measure, and invisibly form the singularity of the esteemed Laniakean quantum. Even our language to describe it, is as water drawn by hand from a lake. All human forms are extensions of these hands, momentarily claying the gracile furnace of the mind to the grapheme mach of air