Summer in Liberty’s Tana Lawn


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All things considered ~ Under the voice ~ Rapture reigns ~ The dead ends ~ Where alive begins ~ Push your luck ~ Cake it on ~ Hold the floor ~ Gather the dust ~ Stack the hours ~ Mime the chairs ~ Chant the closed ~ Fake the fun ~ Hide the truth ~ Seal the deal ~ Colour the cart ~ Pulse direction ~ Cushion the grace ~ Heal the heart ~ Befriend the thief ~ Trade in circles ~ Mala the maya ~ Calm the fury ~ Petty the pretty ~ Flip the switch ~ Bundle the joy ~ Ignite the word ~ Smooth the soar ~ Walk through hell ~ Clear your skin ~ Grow your hair ~ Body your glow ~ Know your spirit ~ Shuffle the place ~ Rest the relent ~ Empty the pockets ~ Rake the muck ~ Unration the real ~ Appeal the emotion ~ Gift the gods ~ Challenge the sound ~ Unfurl the self ~ Kill the karma ~ Calm the kin ~ Touch the point ~ Step the fold ~ Happen the stance ~ Charm the socks ~ Passage the free ~ Ticker the tape ~ Tally the tickets ~ Lighten the touch ~ Brighten the white ~ Cotton the candy ~ Flirt the skirt ~ Pink the panties ~ Alter the cut ~ Deepen the cute ~ Speed the valleys ~ Bury the tops ~ Honey the forêts ~ Echo the system ~ Speak the shushed ~ Transcend the seclude ~ Sacrifice the savoured ~ Straighten the point ~ Buoyant the base ~ Fit the ending ~

The big one has come. Standing here vibrant. Visible. I rest symphonically in your plum silk neckline patiently encouraging you to resist. The big one has come. And I am he. Nothing solidifies and opens out from us. I have returned all the air’s moisture. I am softly caressing you asleep. I have departed. ℒ𝑜𝑣𝑒. I am a finite plenum. A white whole. I admit every future, past and present part of you. Nothing has changed, and you become everything but mine. You feel partial. Yet I have unified you like a quantum. I have taken your weight, and so you float. I am your antistrophic, altruism. Love. You are beginning. You are unborn. The fell is ravined, calm, and wild. Beauty exits supernal, as if he were a poem. We collapse a massive hell. An iron sea. This space we did not belong